Funeral Planning and Practical issues faced on death

Funeral Plans

Everyone should have some sort of plan in place if only to help those left behind to determine whether you require cremation or burial.

We have seen family arguments erupt following a sudden death where the burial/cremation choice is unclear.

A pre-paid funeral plan would avoid such issues arising and also save the family from any anxiety regarding how they will pay for the funeral.

We can advise you fully on the various options available.

Who do I notify first?

When someone dies you cannot be expected to do everything right away.

In the first five days it is important that you do the following:

  • notify the deceased's family Doctor
  • check the deceased's Funeral Plan documents
  • contact a Funeral Director to commence funeral arrangements (checking that the deceased had no special funeral wishes)
  • register the death at The Registry Office
  • advise any departments who may have been making payments to the deceased, such as Tax Credits, benefits, pensions etc

As soon as possible you should:

  • contact the Executors of any Will to enable them to start the process of obtaining Probate
  • if there is no Will the you should decide who will apply to sort out the deceased's affairs and apply for Letters of Administration.

You will also need to contact relatives and people close to the deceased for a full list of who to contact go to select Government Citizens and Rights – then Death and Bereavement and What to Do After A Death.

We can also advise you on the availability of pre-paid funeral plans designed to assist your family in dealing with funeral arrangements quickly and without the financial worry of how to pay.

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to take care of your affairs now and you can arrange your funeral as you would like it to be.

It also take away the emotional and financial worries for your family at what will be a difficult time.

It is a way for you to pay for your funeral at todays prices and avoid future escalating costs.

Letter of Wishes

This is a way in which you can provide guidance to your family and your attorneys as to your personal wishes concerning burial arrangements property disposal, or type of care required in later life.

The letter of wishes is simply an indication as to how you would like these matters dealt with and may prove of enormous help to your family in ironing out any doubts or disagreements they may have.

We can advise you on the preparation of your Letter of Wishes.

Whether it deals with a tax efficient Discretionary Will, or with more personal issues such as care for pets after your days, or how you would like any personal family property to be distributed by your Executors or even the detailed arrangements for your funeral service if you so wish.

View sample Letter of Wishes