Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a person who has died, and it refers also to the document that recognises the authority of properly appointed 'executors' to deal with the assets in a person's estate.


If you've been named as an Executor we can help you comply with all your responsibilities. We can assist at every stage including:

- Applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration for you

- Dealing with tax issues

- Dealing with issues in the will or to do with intestacy

- Guiding you in the collection and distribution of the assets

- Helping you to administer the estate

Probate can be straightforward for some families and full of complexity and dispute for others.

We are experienced in approaching things logically and efficiently.

Our aim is to resolve things as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We offer a free consultation to talk about your circumstances. Afterwards, we will give you fixed fee for undertaking the work on your behalf.

This means there will be no extra hidden fees.


- Initial processing of documentation.

- Completion of Probate Questionnaire.

- Case review including verification of Will.

- Instruct valuer for property and/or land.

- Obtain confirmation of account balances as at date of death.

- Preparation of Schedule of Assets and Liabilities.

- Arrange the clearance of any property where necessary.

- Instruct Estate Agents regarding the sale of any property.

- Arrange the provision of conveyancing services where required (an additional fee will be charged for these services)

- Arrange Independent Financial Advice regarding property insurance and investment issues that arise

- Instruct counsel where issues of a technical nature arise or where there is a challenge to the Will

- Arrange valuations and sale/transfer of stocks and shares

- Complete Tax Returns and file with H. M. Inland Revenue

- Obtain final accounts from utility companies

- Archiving and storage of documents